Prince William Sound Tours




There is so much to see in and around Whittier, Prince William Sound and the trip getting there.  Take your time, look around, pull over often.

On the drive from Anchorage you may see eagles feeding on the "mud flats", Beluga whales in Turnagain Arm, Dahl sheep on the hillsides.  There are many "pull outs" along the highway so that you can look and be safe. 

Occasionally bears are seen along Turnagain Arm or on the road to the Tunnel through Portage Valley.  Sometimes moose are seen along the highway or in Portage Valley.

Mountain goats are most easily seen in the springtime on the mountain sides around Whittier or from the boats on the tours.

Eagles nest around Whittier and can be seen perched atop the telephone poles and satelite tower.  Look up!

The sea otters are some of the most engaging creatures.

 This is a photo by Captain Dave from the tour boat!  Click on the images to see more of his work.

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