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For any of these cruises you should plan to take the 10:30 or 11:00 tunnel to allow time to park, check in and get to the boat.

There are a few dining options in Whittier and a couple of little markets in the event you want to eat before the trip or purchase something to take with you. 

Additionally, the vessels have several options.

2 of the boats have an amazing all you can eat buffet that includes prime rib, Copper River salmon cooked to perfection, fabulous rice pilaf, mixed salad, sourdough bread and an assortment of deserts.  (the fruit is canned, not fresh)  People rave about the food! 

For only $19, it's a great deal

For vegetarians, request the vegetarian chili and all the other sides on the buffet.

Or there is a snack bar that you can purchase hot dogs, cup a noodles, cookies, chips, candy, etc.

The other 2 vessels have a light lunch included in the price.

·    Fish and Chips: Wild Alaska cod, our own fresh made coleslaw and

       Alaska made potato chips.

·    Sandwich and Chips: Roast beef, turkey and cheddar sub on an Asiago baguette with Alaska made potato chips and our own coleslaw, made fresh daily.  

·    Are you gluten free or vegetarian? Try our Teriyaki Rice Bowl served with our fresh coleslaw* and rice pudding. *Please note the coleslaw contains egg in the dressing.

·    Kids meal: Hotdog, fruit cup and potato chips. 

If no meal is selected at the time of reservation,

Fish and Chips will be provided. 


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