Prince William Sound Tours




There are several departures to chose from.  Cruises range from 3.75 hrs to 5.25 hrs.  Let us help you select the one that suits you best. 

Other special tours can be arranged on request.

The vessels are large and comfortable. Here are 2 of them.

The two primary options are

Blackstone Bay or Surprise Glacier

Blackstone Bay Tour: 4.5 hr ( also 3.75 hr. option) approx 50 mile round trip

See 2 HUGE Tidewater glaciers, Blackstone & Beloit as well as several other types including the beautiful Northland, Lawrence, Tebenkoff, Whittier & Billings.   

Calm waters, easy, relaxed pace, time to view wildlife and take in the splendor of this inspirational experience. This is an up-close & personal experience 

Gaze up at the massive tidewater glaciers tower 1,700’, as you float among the icebergs and listen to the groaning and cracking of the moving river of ice.  The incredibly blue ice lenses, deep crevices, and draping clouds instill a deep sense of awe and reverence for the majesty of creation. 

Optional all you can eat prime rib, salmon buffet on 4.5 hr trip

Surprise Glacier Tour: 5.25 hr (also a 4hr option)

See numerous glaciers of several kinds including Surprise Glacier in Harriman Fjord.  This massive tidewater glacier towers into the clouds or clear blue sky with it’s jagged blue ice pierces the crisp air.

Cruise through the timeless feeling of Esther Passage and see a salmon hatchery.

Great tour, more time spent traveling, “underway”, but the boat is very fast.  Although you may indeed “see” many glaciers, most of them are at a distance or as you pass by.  Quantity of glaciers seen does not always equate to the best experience.  However, this is a very worthwhile cruise. 




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